The ICW group is a global network of associations focused on the profession of in-house counsel. Member associations form a community of international inhouse counsel working together to promote the value of the in-house counsel profession; share knowledge and best practices across borders; and foster global connections.

  • Belgium: Belgium Institute of In-House Counsel (IJE/IBJ)
  • Canada: Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA)
  • France: French Corporate Counsel Association (AFJE)
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong Corporate Counsel Association (HKCCA)
  • In-House counsel Section of the German Bar Association (ASDA)
  • Malaysia: Malaysian Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA)
  • New Zealand: In-house Lawyers Association of New Zealand (ILANZ)
  • Singapore: Singapore Corporate Counsel Association (SCCA)
  • South Africa: Corporate Lawyers Association of South Africa (CLASA)
  • United Kingdom: Commerce and Industry Group (C&I)


The French Corporate Counsel Association (AFJE) has more than 4300 members. It is a driving force in the French and European legal environment. For more than 45 years, the AFJE has represented and promoted in-house lawyers and their crucial role for corporations all over the world.The AFJE is also active internationally through its ongoing relationships with legal professional associations all over the world.

The AFJE works in close relation with various associations and legal institutions in Europe (ECLA), in the Americas (CCCA, ABA), in Africa (Maghreb, Ivory Coast) and with ICW. Since 1969, the AFJE aims to develop legal thinking, to share best practices and especially to strengthen the ethics and ethical role of in-house lawyers in their companies. Since 2014, a redesigned code of ethics has been published.

The French Corporate Counsel Association (Association française des juristes d’entreprise – AFJE) has the honor and privilege of hosting and organizing the 2016 In-House Counsel World Summit (ICWS) in Paris, October 24th and 25th 2016 at the prestigious Maison de la Chimie. Paris is truly the ideal location for the summit venue insofar as the in-house counsel profession’s evolution is a core subject of significant debate within the legal community in France. Paris has a dynamic legal position as one of the most attractive legal centres in the world. At the heart of this community, 16,000 in-house counsel practicing in France participate in promoting a country, a profession, a discipline. The summit is centered around the theme “Glocal: Think global and act local”, which stimulate in-house counsel and their partners to reflect upon future trends. They will be the primary actors of strategic developments of businesses over the next fifteen years. This event embodies this spirit perfectly, and reflections that will result will undoubtedly benefit our beautiful profession and all the participants and sponsors.

Stéphanie Fougou

Stéphanie FOUGOU

AFJE President

It is a genuine pleasure to host such an event, which will be made possible by the strong support of our sponsors, a select group of leading international corporations, law firms and service providers. We are proud to be associated with a summit of this international magnitude, representing an unparalleled opportunity for exchange among legal professionals worldwide.


Jonathan MARSH

AFJE Vice-President International, Chairman, Organizing Committee